How We Package Each and Every Order - Recyclable packaging, even down to the peanuts!

April 06, 2014

How We Package Each and Every Order - Recyclable packaging, even down to the peanuts!

Happy belated 4th of July Weekend!

I hope that you all had a fun BBQ and fireworks-filled Independence Day with your friends and family!  I know that I did (okay, maybe too much BBQ). I wanted to take a minute today to show you how we package all our orders that go out the door, and highlight the ways we're always keeping our environment in mind.

Here at Nurture My Body skin isn’t our only concern...we want to make sure that we are also taking care of Mother Earth! We know that you care too, and that’s why all of our packaging is eco-friendly.

If you've ever ordered from us, you know that every box is packed with care and presented as a gift - you're treating yourself, so we want to treat you too!

We try our best to package our product beautifully, while incorporating the highest recyclable content from safe and renewable sources with minimum environmental impact.

Because we mostly sell our products online, we are constantly packing our goodies in recyclable cardboard brown boxes. To be sure that we aren’t too wasteful, we reuse packing and shipping materials that we have received rather than generate new waste (does anybody else do this at home? I always have the hardest time covering up old packing stickers, but it’s worth it!).

And get this – the "peanuts" we use are biodegradable and made from corn starch, which Mother Nature just gobbles up without harming herself :) Try it yourself - just drop a few of our peanuts in a glass of water, and watch them dissolve in no time. You can even drink it afterward if you want, but it probably won't taste very good (it's just unsweetened cornstarch).

We also invite you to please reuse or recycle our packaging materials as well as our product containers! Side note: Look for a DIY post about upcycling our product containers coming in the next few weeks (how cute would a blue glass vase be?)

Until next time,

-Sally, Nurture My Body Summer Intern