Organic Baby Care Products

April 06, 2014

Here are some helpful tips for parents who are considering Organic Baby Care Products.

Shopping at a "natural" store does not mean everyting is paraben and phthalate-free for your precious baby. Read labels, know how to interpret the ingredients and don't let the wool be pulled over your eyes by the word "natural" on the label. If it says -paraben in any shape or form, it contains parabens!

Be suspicious of the term "fragrance". Synthetic fragrances are a phthalate culprit so if you can, try to use products with organic or natural fragrances - or choose "unscented". Unscented products can also contain phthalates (yup!)! EWG says,

"Fragrance-free" or "unscented" means a product has no odor, but synthetic ingredients are often added to mask odors. Products without the word "fragrance" on their label should be OK.

Use less products. This seems like a no-brainer but many people use way more than they need. Babies are born with the most perfect skin (usually) and it will never again be as perfect as it is when they are babies. They don't need to be covered in quarts of lotions, soaps and powders. Less is more. Just a small quantity will do the trick.

Something to consider about Nurture My Body Organic Baby Care Products. They are made with certified organic ingredients, are paraben and phthalate-free, no chemicals or synthetics, and rated a '0' by EWG, the safest possible ingredients ever. We have both regular and fragrance free organic baby products, and the fragrance in the regular products is due solely to the use of organic essential oils that contribute healthy and nutritive qualities.