What is the EWG and why do their rankings matter?

April 07, 2014

What is EWG and what do these rankings mean?

You'll see EWG a lot on our web site and for good reason! Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a America's largest and most effective non-profit, environmental health research and advocacy organization. Their goal is to create a healthier, cleaner world this and the next generation. We are proud that Nurture My Body is ranked by them as one of the safest cosmetic companies in America.

EWG estimates that on average, people use 9 products daily, including soaps, deodorant, haircare products, lotions, shaving creams, make-up, etc.. Kids using similar products also absorb the chemicals in sunscreen, soaps, and lotions. Most of us buy these assuming that they are approved by some agency to be safe. They are not! No health studies or pre-marketing testing is required before these products are absorbed directly into our bodies! Unbelievably, "..a cosmetic manufacturer may use almost any raw material as a cosmetic ingredient and market the product without an approval from FDA." (FDA 2012) The FDA hopes companies will police themselves, but their priority is on their profit, not your health. Many hazardous chemicals are used as preservatives, fillers, and fragrances. For example, scientists have discovered phthalates in urine, parabens in breast tumor tissue, and fragrance chemicals in human fat. Cosmetics still include formaldehyde and its precursors, coal tar, and a slew of other dangerous chemicals you won‘t even be able to pronounce! Are there potential risks? You bet! Thankfully the EWG has developed a data bank of over 73,000 personal care products that Americans use. The main score (zero being the best) is an average of the rankings of the individual ingredients. Be sure to see this breakdown. Now go for it. . . Make a commitment to your health and search for the scores of your lotions, make-up, and hair products. Test out our child's sunscreen and soap. Then put in Nurture My Body. You'll be glad you did!

P.S. Remember that all these toxic ingredients eventually get into our water supply since humans excrete some and dispose of them. Pass this on to our friends to make a difference on our planet!