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Truly Safe Organic Beauty Products

April 06, 2014

The color of beauty is turning green, which pleases Organic Beauty Products companies who offer products with natural or organic ingredients. But what are you really getting? Some can contain ingredients that have been linked to cancer or reproductive problems.

Shopper Nikole Sarno said, "It's a little scary when you find out what you're actually putting on your body every day."

That fear is leading a growing number of women to explore so-called green alternatives for organic beauty products.

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Acne Serum is Back!

Acne Serum is Back!

April 06, 2014

Good Morning Nurture My Body Family :)

In my “oh my gosh where did the summer go?” frenzy I realized that I haven’t posted a blog in a while, so this morning I decided to grab a hot cup of coffee and get to it :)

To help you get over the end-of-summer blues, I've got some news that should cheer you up :)

I’m happy to announce that we will be bringing back the much adored Acne Serum!  Each week, we get at least one email from one of you guys about how you wish we would bring our Acne Serum back.  Well, your wish is our command and we have done it!

With gentle yet effective acne fighting botanicals such as calendula, grapefruit extract and tea tree oil; apply this serum daily to a freshly washed face to treat your acne organically.

As an NMB insider, I have had the opportunity to try the Acne Serum before it is re-released.  I have only been using it for a week and my end-of-summer stress induced pimples have vanished before my eyes.  Unlike other acne serums that contain harsh chemicals that dry my face out, the Nurture My Body Acne Serum is gentle enough to use on my sensitive skin.

Oh, and did I mention that it is ranked as a “0” by the EWG?

Just in time for back-to-school, be sure to arm your teens (and yourselves) with the botanical acne fighting powers in Nurture My Body’s Acne Serum.  Got kids in college?  Surprise them with a care package from Nurture My Body (we ship all over the world). :)

-Sally, Summer Intern

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Benefits of Natural Skin Care Products

Benefits of Natural Skin Care Products

April 06, 2014

Benefits of Natural Skin Care Products

There are so many benefits that you're able to get out of our natural skin care products that you'll wonder why you didn't use them sooner than this. With moisturizers, toners, facial serums and cleansers – you're able to choose the best product to match the results you're in search of. First things first though, let us take a look at what benefits you're able to obtain from purchasing these natural skin care products – we promise you'll love them.

- The natural skin care products are not made using chemicals or other harmful products that might harm the skin and cause rashes or other problems.

- The ingredients are all ingredients that you know and trust. These are listed out right on the product that you're using.

- 100% biodegradable products so you're able to do your part for the environment.

- All products are certified organic and safe to use.

- Be able to personalize what you'd like to use, while also ensuring that it is free of gluten, vegan or even specially formulated for you to use during pregnancy.

- Each and every package is eco-friendly, so even on the outside, we are trying our best to do our part to save the environment.

- Never have to worry about not obtaining the right product for your skin with our all natural skin care products – each one is made for all skin types and sensitivities, find one that works with you.

Now is the time to choose natural skin care products that can give you exactly what it is that you're after. Finding a skin care product does not have to be hard to do when you are able to put a little more time into it. Speak with us about any natural skin care products you're looking for specifically, we are always happy to help.

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Natural Skin Care

Natural Skin Care

March 02, 2014

FAQ on Natural Skin Care

Understanding more about your skin is essential if you want beautiful, rejuvenated and youthful looking skin as you age. However, did you know that some of those products you're rubbing into your skin have many harmful chemicals in them? Why not learn a bit more regarding natural skin care and what it can provide you and your skin with – it could be well worth it.

Do you only provide one lotion, for one type of skin or can I be certain there is something that matches what I am looking for?

We provide numerous types of natural skin care products that are able to match a wide range of skin types. We provide moisturizers, toners, facial serums and facial cleansers for you to use. Each one is 100% organic and provides the nutrients that your skin needs to feel nourished and soft.

Are all of your products cruelty free and all natural? Will I have to worry about chemicals and animal testing with the products you sell?

No, you do not have to worry about animal testing with any of the products that we offer. We are able to provide you with an all natural solution to the dry skin that you're faced with. Each natural skin care product is made with ingredients that you know and trust to use on your skin – there is nothing on the ingredient list that you do not recognize and if there is – give us a ring and we can let you know what that something is.

Can anyone use the natural skin care products that you're offering?

Anyone is able to use these products – adults and children. If you have a young one suffering from dry skin and you'd like to put a nice, all natural remedy on that skin without worrying about them breaking out then our products can provide just that and so much more. 

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