Where To Start With Nurture My Body

Transitioning to a more natural lifestyle can be overwhelming. We know that you have seemingly infinite options, and we're so happy you’ve found Nurture My Body. We are a transparent, trustworthy and healthy naturals brand that makes choosing natural skin and hair care easier than you might expect — and now, it’s become even simpler with our Starter Kit that includes three essentials that our longtime customers know and love.

Nurture My Body products are created in small batches, to ensure perfectly fresh formulas that nourish your skin. Nurture My Body creates serums, moisturizers, shampoos and more. So if you’re new to all this, start simple and begin with the basics. The Essential Starter Kit includes three of our most simple, yet best selling products to create the perfect beginner kit for those who want to try products with natural, organic ingredients, and no parabens or harsh chemicals.

The perfect introduction to natural skin and hair care — experience personal care with the absence of chemicals, fragrance and parabens.
You’ll notice the difference almost immediately with gentle, nurtured skin and soft, nourished locks.

Essential Starter Kit

Essential Starter Kit

Transitioning to a more natural lifestyle, but not sure where to start? The Nurture My Body Starter Kit features three of our bestselling products for both hair and skin at an incredible deal. With the Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner, you’ll experience the perfect dose of natural, gentle and nourishing hair care, no matter your hair type. Formulated without fragrance, sulfates, parabens or harsh chemicals, you don’t have to worry about dryness, breakage or irritation — and you don’t have to compromise true clean. Next, discover the beauty that comes from indulging in all-natural skincare. The Vita C Repair Cream is a customer favorite for a reason. It features 20 certified organic ingredients and powerhouse ingredient vitamin C, which stimulates collagen production, hydrates and keeps skin protected from free radical
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