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13 Healthful Self-Care Gift Ideas for Anyone on Your List This Holiday Season

Let’s face it, self-care doesn’t always make it to the top of everyone’s to-do list. We sometimes get so caught up in life’s twists and turns that we forget to set aside time to take care of ourselves. Giving someone a gift they can use to better their health (and sanity) might be the nudge they need to slow down and tend to their health needs more often.

Here’s a list of gift ideas that are great for just about anyone who could use a little more self-care and self-love in their lives. And, you know, there’s nothing wrong with showing yourself some gratitude and love by sneaking in a gift or two for yourself. After all the shopping, planning, cooking and cleaning, you definitely deserve it!

Happy gift-giving!

1. Spa Gift Card

              This is one gift I’m secretly always hoping someone will give me every year! Gift cards will always make great presents because many people don’t think of treating themselves to a spa treatment on their own, and the recipient can choose what spa service they prefer. All they have to do is schedule the appointment. Whether it's a massage, a body wrap or scrub, a pedicure, a facial, or a hair treatment, everyone could use a little pampering.

2. Make-Your-Own Craft Kit

              This is the perfect gift to help someone take their mind off stressful things. With something fun to focus on, stress will be left in the lurch. You can find everything from knitting to embroidery to beer brewing, jewelry making, herb growing, and a zillion others! These gifts can also help sharpen the mind and might even be the start of a new favorite hobby for someone.

3. Yoga or Meditation Subscription

              This fantastic intangible self-care gift can go a long way to encouraging someone to begin that healthy and balanced lifestyle they’ve been wanting to start. Check with local yoga studios for introductory packages they can try out or look for online yoga deals so they can do it at home. You can also look for meditation classes or subscriptions to a meditation app they can start using right away. Kick off someone’s year with the gift of peace and zen!

4. Alternative Health Treatment

              We're thinking beyond massage here. Wellness centers offer all kinds of alternative health treatments like acupuncture, float tanks, energy healing, aromatherapy, and so much more. Look for gift cards at local wellness centers that offer a variety of treatments or buy one specific treatment for them to try.

5. Aromatherapy Diffuser & Humidifier

              Stimulate your loved one’s olfactory senses with this gift of delightful aromas. Essential oil diffusers can help anyone relax by making their home a more zenful experience. Some diffusers are also humidifiers that are wonderful for combating the drying effects of indoor air on the skin during winter or in any dry climate.

6. Foam Roller

              Myofascial release is an excellent at-home self-care treatment to address all those nagging body aches we all have. This is especially useful for the more active people on your list who might have muscle soreness and tightness from all their athletic endeavors. Foam rolling is the second-best thing to getting a massage at the spa! And the best part is it can be done every day and doesn’t cost anything. Warning: this gift might be hard to wrap. Maybe just a big bow will do.

7. Healthy Cooking Class

              Eating well is essential to staying healthy and happy, but we can get into a rut sometimes. A healthy cooking class can help inspire someone to create exciting new dishes that feed their soul. Check around your local community for class offerings or find a convenient online course.

8. Tea (or Coffee) Set

              Tea time is self-care time. A new set of cute tea cups or a set of mugs with a variety of different teas might encourage more time for sipping and relaxing. If coffee is their thing, you can also find sets to enhance their coffee-drinking experience. Either way, this gift will make drinking a hot beverage a slow and satisfying part of someone’s day.

9. Scalp Massager

              Scalp massagers are not only soothing and relaxing, but they’re also a proven way to stimulate hair growth. These handheld massage tools get the blood flowing through the scalp and bring nutrients to the hair follicles to encourage healthy hair growth. And they help release tension throughout the head from everyday stress and poor posture.

10. Facial Roller Set

              These are becoming hugely popular lately, and science agrees that there are numerous benefits of rolling your face. The main benefit of these facial tools is increased blood flow, which can help skin look healthier, brighter and younger. And that’s something everyone can appreciate. Upgrade someone’s skincare ritual with this relaxing and rejuvenating gift.

11. Sound Machine

              Know someone who has trouble sleeping? A sound machine might be the perfect self-care gift for them! Studies show the use of white noise can help people get better quality sleep. The noise, which can be the sound of the ocean, a rushing river, or birds chirping, helps drown out other noises and can help relax someone into a deeper sleep. And better sleep makes everyone happier.

12. Airbnb Gift Card

              If you want to go big for someone’s gift this year, try a gift card to a cozy place to stay, a la Airbnb. Even a few days of solitude can transform a person’s mood and renew their spirit. Giving someone the opportunity to get away from it all might even make you their favorite person. A gift card lets them choose the time and location that works best.

13. A Gift Set from Nurture My Body

              Natural skin care is always a fabulous self-care gift to give. And we’ve got your whole list covered from head to toe! We have gift sets for everyone, including women, men and babies that contain our best organic, nontoxic, non-irritating products for hair, face, body and lips. And you don’t have to worry about those who have specific needs, like vegan, gluten-free, fragrance-free or nut-free, because we have plenty of options for all of them too.

Browse our skincare sets for a gift that fits in well with anyone’s healthy lifestyle. We even have a simple starter kit for those new to using all-natural organic skincare.

This is just a short list of the many options you have to give someone special a gift that will help them live a healthy lifestyle. Why not pamper someone this year with a health-giving present that they probably wouldn’t buy for themselves? It’s a great reminder that self-care can go a long way to keeping you healthy and happy all year long!


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