From Farm To Face

As a society, we’ve never cared more about what we’re putting into our bodies, and even on our bodies as we do now. We’re hyper aware of the risks and consequences of using and even consuming products made with chemicals, additives, fillers and preservatives. And as we nix them from our diets, we’ve become more selective about our skin and personal care, too — that’s where Nurture My Body comes in. We specialize in Farm to Face skincare and hair products. And in a world full of choices, you can know that you’re making the right one.

We’re here for consumers as they grow increasingly aware of not only what they’re putting in their bodies, but also what they’re putting on it, via skincare and cosmetics. That’s why we take a holistic Farm to Face approach in every personal care product we make — meaning each and every ingredient we use is grown in a permaculture garden amidst two acres in Point Reyes National Seashore in Northern California. That’s where it all begins.

All of our ingredients are planted in the permaculture garden and nurtured before being carefully distilled and blended in small batches to bring you the purest and freshest natural beauty products. Every step of our process preserves the integrity of the ingredients — from their color and aroma to the overall benefits they provide your skin and hair.

We make products that are:

We never use pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers to do so.

Sustainability in Action

We believe in sustainable skin care, and stand by our products every step of the way. Our ingredients are grown in organic soil, are drought-resistant and can adequately thrive with only California rainfall and fog.

Once picked and ready to be blended, our products are “cooked” using propane, which runs hotter and burns cleaner than traditional rendering methods. Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are used in place of bleach and our dishes are soaked to reduce water usage while cleaning.

Each product is manufactured in the same location where the ingredients are grown in California. Employees even carpool to work! Like we said, sustainability is our thing.

Once our products are mixed and ready to be bottled, they’re shipped in small batches to our headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. They’re all hand-filled by Teresa, a Nurture My Body employee, in recyclable BPA-free plastic or glass containers. After that, they’re sent a few feet back to our warehouse where they’re organized on our shelves, and eventually economically packed and shipped to you by our warehouse team using 100% recyclable materials.

It’s a simplified process that starts with the Earth and ends up at your door, in the form of pure, simple, natural skincare.

Give Us A Try

We stand behind each and every ingredient, are transparent about what goes into each of our products and are here to answer any questions you might have when considering which Nurture My Body products are right for you. Our dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team can explain any product at length to make your shopping experience pleasant and easy. If for any reason you find you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days and we’ll gladly issue a refund.