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Made in the USA in small hand made batches

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About us

Nurture My Body’s Founder, Patty Kerr, was an aesthetician for quite some time before she became ill from working around the chemicals in beauty products everyday. But that didn’t stop her from continuing a career she loved — she acknowledged her newly discovered sensitivities and began researching the ingredients that cause them. The results weren’t pretty — beauty products, skincare and everyday cosmetics were (and still are) filled with chemicals, preservatives and fillers. So she decided to create a brand without any of that, and thus Nurture My Body was born!

Our Motto: Ingredients With Integrity

Our ingredients are all plant-derived and extensively researched to ensure they’re safe for you and the environment. Parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances and phthalates have no place in our products. Instead, they're filled with nourishing ingredients that are wildcrafted and all natural. Read our labels — we like ingredients that we can pronounce, not ones that are synthetically created in a lab.

Hand-picked, for a reason

Each organic or wildcrafted, plant-based ingredient in our products is hand chosen for a reason, to give your body the best of what nature has to offer. Our products are made in small batches from fresh ingredients to ensure your skin gets the freshest and most valuable qualities from each botanical. To find out more about our ingredients and environmental efforts, visit our Farm to Face page.

Our Team

It means the world to us when customers place their trust in our products and our team. We are truly dedicated to preserving the integrity of our products as they are produced, shipping them to you in an eco-friendly and timely fashion, serving you with exceptional customer service, providing transparency of our brand on social media, and everything in between that goes on behind the scenes! When you call Nurture My Body, you’ll get a real member of our small, (but growing!) team. We love answering questions, listening to feedback and finding new ways to keep our customers happy.