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4 Gifts the Party Host Will Appreciate the Most

It’s the holiday season, which means we are entering a fun stretch of parties and celebrations of which you may host and many more of which you’ll probably attend. And we’re all adults here, so when we head off to these festive gatherings, we must bring the host or hostess a token of appreciation. And while a bottle of wine is an easy go-to, why not mix it up a little this year? Give the host a gift of practicality that they’ll remember, appreciate and use. Check out some of these fun ideas.

Bring the next day’s breakfast!

The host is opening up their space (and dirtying it up, too.) Give them something to look forward to when the party's over. Waking up with breakfast options other than picked over leftovers will make your hosts smile. The gesture won’t go unnoticed.

Shaken or stirred? Make the host a drink!  

It’s often understood to bring something you want to drink or something to share. Spice it up a bit and bring ingredients for an amazing holiday cocktail — all ingredients and all tools needed. It’s not polite to make more of  mess than is necessary at someone else’s party.

Provide the movie essentials.  

Another gift that helps your host wind down after having everyone over, making finger foods and cleaning up the next day? All the materials needed for a lovely movie night in. Bring the popcorn, their favorite sweets, a bottle of wine and a gift card to watch a movie!

Gift them some naturals!

Give the gift of naturals to your host! Make them feel appreciated and pampered with skincare that is safe and nourishing for their skin — especially in these dry, winter months. Give Nurture My Body’s Hand and Body lotion for a gift of all natural skin hydration. Does the host have a baby? Let them experience all natural baby care. Want to spoil them with luxurious hair care? Check our all natural, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. 

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