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6 Ways to Combat Overly Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you are all too familiar with how it worsens in the summertime. The heat. The humidity. The over washing due to excess sweating. Hormones. Genetics. (They say those with oily skin won’t age as quickly because our skin is constantly well-moisturized, so hey, that’s an advantage.) But if you’re like me, and you hate looking and feeling slick all the time and you don’t particularly want your makeup moving around after applying it, then I have some helpful tips for you!

Make sure you aren’t washing your face too much.

It can be tempting to clean your skin more than usual, but twice per day is truly enough. Over washing will make your skin dry (for a least a bit) and trick it into thinking it needs to produce even more oil. So, stick to cleansing once in the morning and once in the evening before bed. Use a gentle cleanser that won't overdry or irritate your skin, like the Fragrance Free Cleansing Milk. 

Use acne-fighting products

Whether you have acne-prone skin year round or not, using products that specifically fight acne is key in the summer. You don’t have to reach for chemical acne treatments that contain Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide, especially if you enjoy a more natural lifestyle. Tea Tree Oil, featured in our Acne Clarifying Serum is a superstar ingredient in banishing blemishes. Use the serum as much as twice per day, or just at night before bed to fight breakouts that come from overly oily skin.

Cut Back on Makeup

Heavy makeup can clog pores, making them produce more oil and cause breakouts. Summer is a great time to go makeup-less — we’re often at the pool or beach anyway! — but if you’d rather wear something rather than nothing at all, reach for a lighter BB cream or tinted moisturizer. (Bonus points if it contains SPF.)

Wear Sunscreen

Mineral sunscreen, which contains Zinc and Titanium Dioxide to block the sun’s rays, are also great at absorbing oil on our faces. So not only did we already know to wear sunscreen for the sake of protecting our skin, if your face is on the oily side, mineral sunscreen in place of a moisturizer can help the slick and shine.  

Use a lighter moisturizer and use less heavy night cream

Heavy moisturizers have no place on the face during hot summer days. Swap them out for a lighter moisturizer like this Ultra Light Day Cream. Apply it after using the Acne Clarifying Serum to prevent excessive oil production and breakouts.

Blot to your heart’s content

Physically remove the oil with oil blotters. It’s not the same as washing your face, so oil blotters don’t remove too much to dry out your skin — they remove just enough to not look overly shiny. Honestly, I keep these in my purse at all times.  They're amazing. 

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