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A Surprise from Hawaii

To All Our Fans, Followers and Dear Friends, We've been in business since June, 2006, and in all that time, nothing like this has EVER happened before. This is a big one for us, and we were so floored by this wonderful act of kindness to Mother Earth and to us that we just knew it deserved more than just a short little mention. A couple of weeks ago a customer of ours from Hawaii called to return her used glass bottles to us to recycle because Hawaii does not recycle glass. She loves Mother Nature that much. I was sincerely touched and offered to pay for the shipping. She said don't bother, it won't cost much. Then I forgot about it. Well, today we receive a box from her that included not only the empty glass product bottles for us to recycle but two canning jars that at first I thought she also wanted to have me recycle. I said to myself, 'well, OK, if she wants to have me recycle the canning jars for her too then I will.' Until I picked up the two jars and saw they were filled with homemade Organic Orange Marmalade and Papaya Coconut Jam! Needless to say, Patty and I had our mouths agape for about 30 seconds because in the 4 years of doing business and giving away free $50 Gift Boxes to our customers every month, no one has EVER given US a gift in return! It brought tears of joy to know how much a person who doesn't even know us face-to-face loves our products and Mother Nature so much to pay for shipping of the returned bottles and additionally include a handmade gift for us. Words can't begin to express our humble gratitude. Thank you SO much Bridgette, --Rich & Patty Now we should say that after tasting these *amazing* jams, we immediately wanted to know if Bridgette makes organic jams for a business. This was her kind reply, and we’re officially encouraging her to go into it, we’d be the biggest customers! **** Rich & Patty, I’m actually active duty Navy (Chinese translator). Making jams is just a hobby of mine. I like to make homemade gifts, I think they mean a lot more than a card from Wal-mart :) The family gets a kick out of when I send them Hawaiian jams. I’m a big DIY kinda gal, and I love to cook, so it’s right up my alley! Thank you for the very sweet sentiment though – just thought I would express my thanks, I’m not expecting anything in return. Sounds cheesy, but your products have made my life so much easier (and less itchy). You make a difference and I thought you should know that :) If you like them though, let me know – I’m planning on doing another batch of pineapple and maybe mango chutney soon. Best wishes, Bridgette

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