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Made in the USA in small hand made batches

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Absolutely Chemical Free Beauty Products at Nurture My Body

Are you using chemical-free beauty products?

Do they have any cancer-causing ingredients in them? Certainly not in your toothpaste. Or lipstick. What about your body lotion and underarm deodorant? Or hair spray? And, of course there's NO WAY that manufacturers would put cancer-causing chemicals in your baby shampoo and baby lotion, would they? Would the Government allow that? Watch this if you love yourself, your spouse, your parents and especially your children.

Here at Nurture My Body we make absolutely chemical free beauty products. And they're madewith certified organic ingredients, are not tested on animals, are phthalate-free and packaged with eco-friendly materials.

Nurture My Body is a proud Signer of The Compact for Safe Cosmetics. This means that we care what goes on (and in) your body.

Come visit us now at Nurture My Body if you decide that chemical free beauty products are safer for you and your family. Especially your kids.

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