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Fragrance Free Organic Beauty Products - Confused?

There seems to be a bit of confusion as to why Nurture My Body offers Fragrance Free Organic Beauty Products in addition to products with essential oils. First, you should know that we have never used Synthetic Fragrances in our products, nor will we ever, as they are toxic to the body.

All About Essential Oils - Are They Really Oily?

The only ingredients we use in our products that produce a scent or fragrance are our certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils. And here's the real important reason why. We use essential oils not just for their smell but for the therapeutic properties they possess.

An essential oil is made by taking different parts of plant materials and either processing them by steam distillation, cold process or CO2 process. An example is Lavender. The plant flowers are used to create the essential oil. It takes about 25 pounds of the flowers to produce 1 ounce of essential oil by the steam distillation process. So, you can see how potent it is.

The essential oil is said to be the essence or soul of the plant. It carries the information in it that the plant uses to survive and thrive in nature. The oils are contained in the cellular structure of the plant in the glands of the leaves, root, bark or blossoms.

Although it is called an Essential Oil, there is no oily substance to it! It can evaporate easily in the air if it is not put into a medium or stored properly. It is easily dissolved by the sebaceous fat and the molecules are so small it can actually penetrate the skin to reach the lowest level affecting the deeper tissue. Because of its potency we use only 0.5% in our Baby Care, 1% in Hand and Body Lotions, Body Washes, Shampoos and Moisturizers, and 0.25% in our Eye Cream.

Clearing Up the Confusion

We are proud to offer Fragrance Free to our customers. The reason we brought on Fragrance Free was that we have customers who have illnesses that have compromised their immune system, such as Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, AIDS or Cancer. So even though essential oils are a natural substance, your body possibly may not be able to handle them because of the complexity of the information. The solution to those who have major health issues was to offer our products in Fragrance Free - which means without the essential oils.

What Should I Use If I'm Healthy?

If you are healthy it is recommended that you choose our products that contain Essential Oils because of the added nutritive benefits they provide. They are an essential part to any organic formulation. We formulate our products for specific purposes of that product. The wonderful fragrance that you smell is a pleasurable benefit the beautiful plants produce to either repel certain animals or insects from it or attract beneficial birds, insects or butterflies.

So feel safe knowing that whether you use our products that contain essential oils or are Fragrance Free, they are made with the healthiest ingredients we have found available.

And you can count on us to never settle for anything less.

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