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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Natural Baby Products

There are many questions that are frequently asked regarding natural baby products since we know all parents want the best for their babies. You want to ensure that you gather all the information that you can to find out if this is the product you want to use on your little one.

Rest assured – your little one is important to us. We are here to answer those questions, give you peace of mind. All our products are made from quality, organic ingredients.

Q: When you say 100% organic, what exactly does that mean and does it apply to all the natural baby products that you sell?

A: 100% organic means that the products do not use harsh chemicals or other factors that can be harmful to both humans and the environment. These products you would find in other items throughout stores but in our store we only sell items that come with ingredients that we harvest naturally, that are good for you and also are NOT tested on animals. This goes for all the products that we sell, not just the natural baby products.


Q: Do you just sell skin care products for baby, or can I purchase some and do you have other items as well for baby?

A: We sell soap, shampoo, sunscreen, lotion and body wash for baby – as well as a whole line for adults. If you're looking for something specific, do not hesitate to check out the many sections of our store. You can also ask us if we make something in particular that you're interested in.


Q: How do I know what the natural baby products are made with? Will my baby break out or have a reaction to the ingredients?

A: The ingredients that the specific product is made out of are all outlined on the side of the product. Nothing is left behind and all ingredients are listed. If your baby has an allergic reaction, bring in the bottle with you to the doctor's office – they might know what the problem is. However, it is rare that they will have a reaction since all products are natural.



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