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How to Fix Dry Winter Skin

Have you ever stopped to think about how all four seasons have their own ailments and annoyances? Allergies in the spring, heat and unbearable humidity in the summer and low temperatures and dry air in the fall and winter that can wreak absolute havoc on your skin. Just when we start to manage one season's difficulties, we transition to a new one and have to totally reassess. So here we are, fall and winter, what have you got? 

As the temperatures dip, we inevitably begin to notice a few things. Our lips become drier and chapped. Our nails become more brittle. And our skin is drier and itchier than ever. Cold weather and low humidity can rob the moisture out of our skin in no time. 

Whether you bask in the brisk cold weather with open, sweater-covered arms or hibernate in heated confines until spring, the winter will surely take a toll on your skin either way. Achieving that harmonious balance between our skin, our skincare and the havoc that winter brings can be difficult. After all, skin is super delicate… and winter? Not so much.

So how exactly does the cold temperatures of fall and winter months dry out our skin? 

  1. Cold winter weather means you're exposed to pretty dry air and very low humidity. This dryness rids your skin of moisture potentially causing irritation, redness, blotchiness, roughness to the touch, and sometimes, acne. Acne bumps can pop up because as skin dries out, dead skin cells build up and clog pores. 


  1. Obviously, as it gets colder, we turn up the heat in our homes, in our cars and in our offices. Heat is very drying and taxing on our skin. So whether we're inside or out, it seems like we can’t win! (But you can. Stick with us.)


  1. The heat from hot showers and baths don’t help us either this time of year. Hot water is very drying to the skin, so it may be best to take warm baths and showers, instead.

Combined, all of these factors tend to create a pretty messy situation for your skin. Rather than try moisturizer after moisturizer (that ultimately don’t do the trick) discover the perfect Nurture My Body natural moisturizer for your skin. Our moisturizers and cleansers are ideal options — they're all natural, meaning no harsh chemicals, alcohol or fragrance which can irritate skin even more. When you choose to use natural, nourishing skin care you choose soft, healthy moisturized skin. 

Which moisturizer is perfect for you? Discover your ideal natural moisturizer and experience nourishing hydration this fall and winter. 

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