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Is It Time to Switch to a Lighter Moisturizer?


Spring has sprung! That means it’s time for sunshine, shorts, and makeup free days. While we love the warmer weather, we don’t always love some of the side effects that the heat and sun bring. Sunny days are meant to be spent makeup free and careless, but being in the sun can make your T-zone shine like a mirror. Luckily, one easy switch can help you out.

Throughout the winter, we rely on heavy, intense moisture creams to keep our skin hydrated and flake-free. However, once the weather turns warm, those same creams can leave your skin feeling oily and greasy. You may think that you should eliminate your moisturizer all together, after all, your face is already super oily. However, going with no hydration at all can actually make your problems worse. But don’t worry - you don’t have to eliminate moisturizers entirely, you just need a lighter one!

A lightweight formula like Nurture My Body’s Ultra Light Day Cream will keep your skin soft and supple without causing you to shine like the sun. Plus, by balancing your skin’s moisturize, it works to hydrate without clogging pores! With warmer weather already increasing your oil production, using a lighter moisturizer can acutally help to prevent acne from popping up. As if that wasn’t enough, using the right weight moisturizer can also control summer redness and soothe rosacea from hot weather.

Now you know: when you make the switch from sweaters to shorts, don’t forget to switch out your winter moisturizer too!

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