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Protect Your Garden From Bugs Without Harmful Chemicals

Springtime is happily welcomed by everyone, but especially those with a green thumb. Whether you have a huge garden or just small flower bed, gardening can bring so much happiness and even has other health benefits like stress relief, decreased risk of stroke and heart attack, and increased brain health. Here at Nurture My Body, we’re huge fans of gardening (did you know that all of our ingredients are grown in the same garden in California?), but we hate dealing with bugs. That’s why we’re giving you our tips on how to keep your garden pest free without harsh chemicals!

Start with Disease-Resistant Plants

There’s no better offense than defense. Starting with plants that are resistant to diseases gives you the best foundation for a garden that can withstand pesky intruders. From tomatoes to herbs, you can find disease resistant versions of almost any plants.

Protect the Roots

Many bugs target your plants where you can’t see them — at the root. To prevent slugs and snails from damaging your plants underground, try adding a boundary or deterrent. Cardboard or egg cartons can be shaped into a “fence” for your plant. Just make sure that you push it far enough into the dirt! You can also mix broken egg shells in your soil, as the sharp objects deter snails from getting close to your roots.

Use Human-safe Plant Sprays

Traditional bug garden sprays are filled with pesticides and other toxins that are incredibly harmful to humans, especially if continually ingested over time. There are many natural ingredients that are safe for humans, but killer for pesky bugs. Mix up a solution of salt, garlic, and water into a spray bottle and spray on your plants regularly to deter insects.


Whether you're gardening for your cooking, for your business, or just for fun, preventing bugs and insects without harsh chemicals can be a challenge. At Nurture My Body, we believe that everything you put on or in your body should be as natural as possible. Go forth, and keep gardening! 

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