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The Natural Face Cleansing Routine You Should Be Using

There is so much information out there about the best way to cleanse your face - it can be overwhelming! While everyone has success with different routines and products, there are a few things that dermatologists and health and beauty experts suggest that everyone does.

I put together a guide for you to help prioritize what should be a part of your daily face cleansing routine!


Step 1: Exfoliate


Exfoliating is an essential part of any routine that is often ignored (I know I have been guilty of it in the past!). Removing the dead skin cells from the skin prevents them from clogging your pores and causing irritation and acne. How often you exfoliate depends on how sensitive your skin is, but 2-3 times a week is what we suggest when using our Exfoliating Cleanser. 

Step 2: Cleanse

For most of us cleansing is the step we have been doing the longest and most routinely. While you may be tempted to buy cleansers that are advertised specifically for healing acne, these can dry out the skin. Find a cleanser that will clear away any makeup or daily residue, but won’t dry out your skin’s natural oils. Our cleansers are gentle but effective.


Step 4: Moisturize

The type of moisturizer that you should use depends on your skin and the time of year. In the summer a lighter cream is better because of the humidity, while during the winter it is best to break out your favorite heavy-duty moisturizer. We have several moisturizers to choose from and it could be a whole different email to explain their differences, but our website does a great job of explaining each of them!

Step 5: Treat

This is the step when you can address any special attention that your skin needs. If you want to address fine lines and wrinkes, Vitamin C is a great natural product for this. Our Reparative Serum is full of Vitamin C and great if mature skin is a concern of yours. If acne is a problem, don’t forget that drying your face out too much can only cause the problem to escalate. Our Acne Clarifying Serum is a great product that will clear your face up without drying it out. A tip for our serums: a little bit goes a long way!

- Emily


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