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Why You Should Care About Clean Beauty

From organic produce to plant-based cleaners, it seems that everyone is making the switch to more natural products in all aspects of their lives. Skincare is no exception. Many beauty brands are adapting and beginning to label their products as “clean” or “natural.” But how can you know if those products are truly better for you? Or better yet, why should you care?

There is almost no regulation of the entire beauty industry. Because of that, companies can include harsh chemicals and toxins in our everyday products and still use labels such as pure, eco-friendly, or all-natural. These words don’t have one uniform definition, meaning that companies can stretch those terms — or even just blatantly lie. The responsibility falls to consumers to study their ingredient labels and know what ingredients are truly non-toxic and healthy for them.

If that sounds like like a lot of effort, you’re completely right. So why should you take the time to study and assess your so-called “clean” beauty products?

The ingredients in your shampoos, lotions, and makeup don’t just stay on your skin, they enter your bloodstream and can build up in your fat and bones. A single use of toxic ingredients likely won’t cause harm, but years of repeated exposure can cause serious issues. In fact, ingredients like 1,4 Dioxane and Triclosan — among many others — have been linked to cancers, endocrine disruption, and organ system toxicity. All of that from a simple beauty product.

Fortunately, there are safer options out there. If you take the time to do your research, you’ll find companies that truly embody the natural lifestyle — like us! At Nurture My Body, not only are we committed to making only clean, all-natural products, but we are completely transparent with our ingredients.

You deserve to know what is going in and on your body, and that’s why we stand behind our motto of “Ingredients with Integrity.” With so many companies claiming to be things that they aren’t, we are proud to be share absolutely everything about what goes into our products and our environmental efforts. In fact, all of our products are evaluated by the independent Environmental Working Group to ensure that they are safe for you and the environment.

Finding better beauty products is not only trendy, but important for your overall health. And it’s not such a daunting task when you’ve already found Nurture My Body! Not sure where to start? Try our Essential Starter Kit!

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