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Choosing the Right Moisturizer

I’ve always put more thought into my moisturizer than my cleanser. In my mind, paying closer attention to a product that remains on your skin all day, is more important than worrying about the one that lathers up and rinses off.

And time and time again, we’re reminded by doctors, skincare brands and beauty experts that moisturizing is one of the most important steps in our skincare routines, if not the single most important step. So since you’ve found yourself at Nurture My Body, let me explain how to choose the perfect moisturizer for your skin.


Here are a few things you should assess when choosing a moisturizer:

Skin type

Do you have oily skin?

  • Does it get shiny around midday?
  • Do you use oil-blotting sheets throughout the day?Does your skin feel greasy as the day goes on?

Do you have dry skin?

  • Do you feel like you can’t find a moisturizer to soothe tight, irritated dry skin?
  • Does makeup flake from the dry skin underneath?
  • Is the texture not as supple as you wish it would be?

Do you have combination skin? 

  • Your T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) gets oily, but you have dry patches elsewhere. 
  • Sometimes, your face is oily. 
  • Other times, your skin is dry and flaky.  

Areas you’d like to address

Do you have acne, wrinkles or a little of both? (Why is adult acne a thing?!)

Do you have multiple needs in a moisturizer? Do you need something lighter during the day, and a bit more nourishing while you sleep?

So many questions… and a few great options:

The Energizing Moisture Cream is for you if....

  • You have dry to normal skin
  • You need energizing ingredients to wake up maturing skin and smooth lines and wrinkles
  • You want ONE moisturizer to use both day and night. You like to keep it simple
  • You want a moisturizer that absorbs fully, does its job, and that’s it.

The Regenerating Cream is for you if…

  • You have dry or aging skin
  • You want anti-aging results
  • You want plump, younger looking skin
  • Your skin needs a regenerating boost of any sort.  


The Ultra-Light Day Cream is for you if…

  • You have oily or combination skin
  • You experience acne bumps or breakouts
  • You want something that doesn’t feel heavy and weigh you down
  • You want light moisture with anti-aging benefits and antioxidants to heal skin


The Vita-C Repair Cream is for you if…

  • You have dry or mature skin
  • You need a collagen boost for wrinkles and lines you wish would disappear
  • You want a youthful, bright glow
  • You want free radical-fighting ingredients to protect your skin

Whew! It’s clear you have options — but only enough to find a moisturizer that feels tailored to your skin. No one should skip the moisturizing step, and Nurture My Body makes it that much easier to look forward to that part of your skincare regimen.
All natural organic ingredients in our skincare pamper your skin with each and every application, and when you choose the one that’s right for you, you’re that much closer to the beautiful, bright skin you want to reveal.

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