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What exfoliating does to your skin

There are so many products on the market that do different things that it can be a bit daunting at times to know what to use.

Exfoliating is the process of removing dry and dead cells from the surface of your skin to help improve the appearance of your skin and help your skin get rid of any grit and dirt that can cause a build-up of toxins.

Removing unwanted oils, dirt, and toxins from your skin help prevent breakouts and blackheads. Clogged and blocked pores can also cause your skin to look dull and damaged.

A daily gentle exfoliation routine will increase your skin's collagen production. Collagen is there to plump up your skin, adding radiance, fewer fine lines, and wrinkles and giving you the appearance of younger-looking skin.

An external exfoliation

Using cleansing scrubs, exfoliating mitts, dry brushes, or loofah's daily, you can move any excess oils off your skin.

The aim is never to scrub your skin too hard but to have a consistent and gentle brush to remove any dead skin cells or oils from your skin. If you exfoliate too often or too vigorously, you can stimulate your skin to overproduce oils, making any acne concerns worse.

It is essential to moisturize your skin after any exfoliation treatments with a product suited for your skin type and concerns.

Exfoliation products

There are several products you can use as a topical exfoliator. Some store-bought face cleaning products have tiny beads in them, which can gently scrub your skin as you wash your face. At Nurture My Body we use Organic Jojoba Beads in our All-Natural Exfoliating Cleanser 

Other products, like Cathepzyme, mimics your skin's natural exfoliation enzymes. Using a product like this every 2-3 days is as easy as adding the product to your skin for a 3-minute treatment. There is no downtime and no skin irritation.

Aesthetic treatments

Chemical peels and micro-needling treatments are the more technical forms of exfoliation and deliver brilliant results. Peels can be done in conjunction with a Cathepzyme treatment, and the combination restores your skin externally and internally through stimulation of the skin's natural collagen production.

Microneedling essentially damages your dermis, with needles piercing your skin, which forces your skin to reproduce collagen to repair the damaged skin. By forcing this regeneration, your skin naturally improves and transforms. Microneedling and skin peels are excellent for treating pigmentation, fine lines, and scarring.


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