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Grandparents Day is September 10th!

Grandparents DayGrandparents Day is coming up this Sunday which gives us a great reason to spend time with your loved ones as well as honor those who are no longer here. This is a perfect time to reflect on fond memories, dive a little deeper into your family history, and begin new traditions that last for years. Looking for a little inspiration to make your day one to remember? Check out some of my favorite Grandparents Day ideas

- Myka

1. Make a Memory Box

Kids love treasures. fill a special box with memories like photos, vintage jewelry, certificates, ticket stubs, and even shells and knick-knacks that you've collected through the years. Both your parents and your kids will love to hear the stories of where they came from and what they mean to you. adding old family pictures also gives grandparents a chance to share some of their old stories and memories.

2. Go On the Record

Storytelling can be a powerful way to create bonds throughout the generations and interviews are the perfect medium to get the story ball rollings. Give your kids some sample questions to ask their grandparents and help them record the answers. You'll learn all kinds of things you probably never knew before! Some great ice breakers are: where were you born? What do you remember most about your mother and father? What did you do for fun after school? What advice can you give on how to get along with people?

3. Rekindle Old Traditions

Unfortunately for some of us, Grandparents Day can be a tough reminder of people who are no longer with us. As someone who doesn't have any remaining grandparents on either side of my family, it is easy to see this as just another Sunday. One great way of paying homage to those family members who have passed is to revive a tradition that reminds you of happy times with the people we love.

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