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How to Maintain Healthy Hair Through the Fall & Winter

Seven Tricks & Treats to Keep Your Hair Healthy All Season Long

The colder, dryer months are quickly closing in which means it’s time to officially switch over to some Fall and Winter hair care routines. There are certain tricks and treats that you can easily work into your daily regimen, so your hair shines year-round!

1. Extra hydration is crucial!

Just as your skin needs some help in the hydration department as we work our way into Fall & Winter, your hair requires added moisture, too. Reach for a nourishing, enriching shampoo and conditioner combo for the dryer season. This will give your hair a boost of protection against harsh winds and colder temps. 

Hair-Pro Tip: Try using a moisturizing and volumizing combo between your shampoo and conditioner for added plump and shine.

2. Avoid going out in the cold with wet hair.

Going outdoors with damp hair during the colder months can be damaging to your locks and your overall health. The exposure to the cold causes breakage, which weakens the strength of your hair and can leave it looking flat, thin, and dull. To avoid this, consider washing your hair in the evening to allow ample dry time.

3. Try to wash your hair less frequently.

During the fall and winter season, our hair naturally loses a lot of moisture. To mitigate further dryness, lessen your weekly washes. It might sound crazy to some, but to keep your hair healthy, you may need to wash it less. Shampoos cleanse the hair and scalp of impurities; however, overwashing strips the natural oils that are meant to keep your hair soft, full, and healthy.

4. Ditch any chemical-ridden hair care products.

Sulfate, parabens, and synthetic fragrances, oh my! These and other toxic ingredients rid your hair of its healthy, natural nutrients, leaving it weak and vulnerable against weather damage.

Our all-natural, sulfate-free conditioner will enrich your strands with nourishing essentials & NO added chemicals!

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5. Turn the water temp down in the shower.

Your hair and skin are quite similar when it comes to Fall and Winter maintenance. So it’s no surprise that a piping hot shower isn’t the best hair-care choice. Following suit, this high heat can kill the nutrients causing your hair to dry out and split. Turn down the heat a bit and opt for a lukewarm shower, your hair and skin will thank you!

6. Get plenty of beauty sleep with a humidifier.

As you crank up the indoor heat, it’s time to pull out a humidifier for a night of hydrating beauty sleep. Using a humidifier nightly can help add moisture to the air leaving your air, skin, and body feeling well-rested and hydrated all night long.

7. Fuel your body with nutrient-dense food choices.

A great way to combat winter hair woes is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Glow from the inside out and make every day a great hair day by adding healthy fats and vitamin C into your diet. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, which will grace your hair with much-needed moisture, and your complexion will stay bright and smooth.

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