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Seasonal Skincare: Revamp Your Routine For Colder Weather

Simple Tips to Up Your Skincare Routine this Fall & Winter

The leaves begin to change, we hear “pumpkin spice” throughout the day, the temps start to fall and our skin takes on a new season. For the past few months, there has been high humidity and plenty of abundant sunshine. Now, we can expect breezier, cooler temps with crisp air drying everything out. These seasonal shifts can provide nourishing benefits for our skin, as well as, potential drawbacks. 

Fall is the perfect time to renew your skin from the previous months of summer heat, sun exposure, and sweat. If we simply make some skincare switches during these transitional periods, we can help our skin ease into it all. From extra hydration to gentler exfoliants, we have some go-to tips on revving up your skincare routine for this Fall!

Stick to simple, daily routines.

Natural, simple skincare routines are effective, powerful and easy to slip in with any daily schedule. The change of seasons is a perfect time to take a look at your current summer routine to make sure you’re hitting all the right marks. We always want to aim for a well-rounded, potent ritual that targets a multitude of skincare components such as dry skin, blemishes, and more. 

By gracing our skin with natural nourishment and essential vitamins we can easily move through seasons with a healthy, glowing complexion. One of the best advantages of sticking with a consistent, easy skincare routine is you can set your skin up for seasonal success by simply switching certain products.

Four key steps in any skincare regimen include: 

  1. Cleanse 
  2. Tone
  3. Extra hydration/targeted treatment (serum, eye cream, etc)
  4. Moisturize 

Although the products themselves will cater to different concerns (i.e. exfoliating cleanser for certain skin types vs cream cleanser for others), those main categories should always be incorporated. By sticking to this base routine you will be able to simply reach for a different toner ideal for drier skin during chillier months or swap for a lighter moisturizer as summer months approach. 

The options are endless, but by sustaining these steps, you are treating and healing your skin while taking preventative steps too, ensuring it stays healthy and happy!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

One of the biggest skincare shifts from summer to fall is the need for more moisture. The crisp air may be the perfect set-up for some apple picking or hayrides but will leave your skin begging for extra hydration. Dry, colder air means dry, flaky skin susceptible to blemishes and impurities. The best way to soothe your skin during these temps is by reaching for a richer moisturizer. 

This Fall, try swapping out your light-weight moisturizer for a thicker cream with plenty of hydrating ingredients. Targeting over-dry skin starts with an intense moisturizer packed with natural essentials like Vitamin C, organic shea butter, and marshmallow root which will save your skin all season long. By switching to a moisturizer with more hydrating benefits you can really nourish and heal dehydrated, damaged skin all while protecting and preparing for the chilly months ahead.

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Sooth & brighten with serums.

Serums and glowing skin go together like PB&J. While moisturizers are powerful at adding and sealing in abundant hydration, serums are designed to penetrate much deeper. Thanks to the super-concentrated ingredients, serums dive deep into pores helping to promote cell regeneration. The tiny particles of active peptides and natural skin-boosting botanicals actively work to hydrate and nourish your skin from the inside out. 

With a serum working to generate new cells, boost collagen production and pack in the active nutrients, your skin will be able to endure harsh weather conditions. Serums are potent and lightweight making it the perfect partner for a heavier moisturizer. With essentials such as blue tansy and rose to reduce redness plus lemon and grapefruit to firm and brighten, serums are sure to keep your skin radiant!

Reaching for a reparative serum will help your skin survive any season!

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Reach for gentle exfoliants & cream cleansers. 

Fall is the time for renewal bringing in more time for cozying up with a good book, colder, darker nights encouraging time for reflection and self-care. As we transition into this restful season, we can really prepare for even damper, chillier winter nights by honing in on our daily skincare cleansing rituals. During the warmer summer months, we are all about the intense exfoliation leaving our skin smooth and ready to face the day. 

However, due to the climate during the Fall, over-exfoliating can leave your skin blotchy, flaky and drier than the air! To make sure your skin is getting a balanced exfoliation, try incorporating an AM and PM cleanser switching between a creamer, heavier, hydrating cleanser and a gentle exfoliating blend.

Nurture Your Skin Tip: Wondering whether you should exfoliate in the morning or evening? There are benefits with either choice but it really comes down to your personal lifestyle and skin type. If you tend to wear makeup daily or live an active lifestyle, exfoliating in the evening can help eliminate excess impurities. However, if your skin tends to be naturally more oily, reaching for a gentle exfoliant in the AM could be a better choice.

Don't skip the SPF.

Just because the days are getting shorter and beach trips seem like a dream doesn’t mean you should skip on daily SPF. Protecting your skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays is a year-round exhibition. With consistent sun protection all year long you can decrease your skin’s exposure to UV radiation and combat the signs of aging such as deep wrinkles and age spots. By continuing to use daily, natural broad-spectrum SPF face cream you can soak in the warm Autumn sunshine while continuing to protect your beautiful skin.

Get plenty of beauty sleep with a humidifier!

We all know the age-old tip of getting more beauty sleep but in addition to a solid 8 hours every night, throwing on a humidifier while you sleep is a beneficial additive as we transition to Fall. While you get your rest, the humidifier will help promote hydration by adding moisture to the air. This is such an easy, highly effective way to make sure your air and skin stay hydrated especially when we start to crank up the home heat. 

Nurture Your Skin Tip: Essential oils like lavender and chamomile not only provide calming nutrients to your skin, these oils have wonderful sleep-aid, stress-reducing properties. With these botanicals present in our skincare products you will be adding in some extra relaxation as you cleanse and moisturize!

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