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Try These Simple Tips to Put the "Me" into "Bathtime"

Welcome To My Happy Place

BathtimeAfter a long day at work, there is nothing better than lighting a few candles, turning on some soft tunes, and sinking below the bubbles for an hour or more. Long, hot, baths have become my simple escape from the everyday. They turn my simple bathroom into a one-woman pod of peace and relaxation; my own personal spa away from the spa. Over the years, I have come to think of myself as a bit of a bathtime connoisseur - a female Poseidon of the tub.

Whether you are a seasoned aqua-pro like me or are simply testing the waters, here are a few of my favorite bath hacks that have elevated my bath game to Super Bowl status. 

- Myka

1. Bubbles Without Scents Are Like Cupcakes Without Frosting

Calming Lavender Body WashBoth should envelope as many of your senses as possible, and this includes smell. I use Nurture My Body's amazing variety of Body Washes in place of regular bubble bath. Their foaming capabilities are amazing and the wide range of scents lets me tailor my bathtime experience to whatever mood I'm in. My current favorite? Calming Lavender to soothe my soul just before bed.

2. A Brand New Setting For Binge Watching

Let me start by saying that this isn't exactly the most responsible tip on the list - through it is my favorite. I absolutely LOVE watching Netflix in the tub. There is nothing better than setting up the iPad and streaming an episode or two of whatever is on my binge watch list that month. My current favorite shows are Stranger Things and Nurse Jackie, though you can't go wrong with a couple of old episodes of Friends. A word to the wise: set up your tablet on a stool or chair a healthy distance from the water and keep a towel handy to dry your hands before you touch it. Nothing runs a calming bath more than slippery hands and a $400 splash...

3. Let Your Hair in on the Soaking Action

Nourishing ConditionerIs our hair feeling the pain after years of blow-drying, colorizing, or harsh environments? Let your tub time double as a little "me time" for your locks. Once every couple of weeks, I put a few squirts of NMB's Nourishing Conditioner into a container and thin it out with about a cup of water. After I get settled in the tub, I work the mixture through my hair from root to tip and let it hang out while I finish my soak. After my bath is done, I simply rinse off in the shower and let it air dry. The next morning, I'll shower as usual and enjoy another couple of weeks of hydrated, shiny, healthy hair!

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