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Ingredient Spotlight: Calendula

CalendulaHi all! We here at Nurture My Body know how much you love hearing all about our awesome, organic ingredients. This month, I am spotlighting one of my absolute favorites: Calendula!

As a happy member of the daisy and sunflower family, Calendula is striking, from it's vibrant color to wide ranging medicinal properties. Once used as a folk remedy to treat most every ailment under the sun, this sweet plant strengthens the human digestive, circulatory, reproductive, lymphatic, respiratory, and immune systems.

Calendula's most distinctive and unsurpassed use is to calm and heal the skin. Naturally hydrating, soothing, regenerating, nourishing, healing, calming, and gently exfoliating, it is a vital ingredient ingredient in some of our most sought-after products. Try it for yourself today!

Check out some of these other Nurture My Body favorites featuring calendula:

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