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Understanding Sulfate Free Shampoo

Let’s talk sulfate free shampoo. You’ve probably been hearing for a while now that sulfates and other harsh chemicals are bad for you and you should remove them from your everyday essentials, but have you? It can be confusing and complicated to make the jump from traditional shampoos to sulfate free. We’re here to help you understand what sulfates are, why you should avoid them, and what your alternatives are!

First of all, what are sulfates?

Sulfates are detergents. You can find them in your dish soap, your laundry detergents, even your toothpaste! The most common sulfate is SLS, or sodium lauryl sulfate, which is an ingredient in most traditional shampoos. It acts as a foaming agent, while also reducing the surface tension of the water to loosen and remove oil. Basically, they are an overly aggressive cleaner that is associated with that luxurious foam that you’re used to in your shampoos.

Why do I need to avoid them?

Sulfates are deep cleaners, but they’re a little too good at their job. If these cleaners are good for cleaning your floors and your dishes, they’re a little too strong to be used on your head! While they are not carcinogenic like some rumors suggest, they may be harmful to your hair. Sulfates strip your hair of its natural oils, which leads to dry and brittle strands. By eliminating the oils on your scalp, they can also cause dryness, irritation, and inflammation!

So what can I do?

Opt for sulfate free shampoos! These shampoos have gentler cleansers, which means your hair will get super clean while still retaining its natural oils. Plus, if your hair is color treated, using sulfate-free shampoo can help your color last longer! With sulfate free shampoo, your hair gets the same clean feeling that you love, without the damage from harsh detergents.


Nurture My Body sulfate-free shampoos will strengthen your hair and maximize shine, all with a natural, non-toxic formula. It’s perfect for hair that is colored, dry, or oily! With 3 different varieties, you’re sure to find your new sulfate-free shampoo sidekick. See? Going sulfate free isn’t so hard after all!


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